HYBRID 3in1 Maxi Disc 115mm x 2.5mm x 22mm DPD Metal - Cut, Grind & Finish


The 3in1 multi disc can be used for cutting, grinding and finishing applications simply by altering the angle at which the disc is used.


90 degrees for cutting - 30 degrees for grinding - 15 degrees for finishing


An extra layer of reinforcing has been added to the disc to ensure that it can cope with the additional side pressure from grinding despaite the 2.5mm thickness (thinner than standard cutting discs) guaranteeing a fast, straight cut.  The disc is also INOX (iron, sulphur and chlorine free) meaning it can bee used on stainless steel without risk of contamination or rust formation.



HYBRID 3in1 Maxi Disc - Cut,Grind & Finish 115mm