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Scotch Brite clean and strip discs are an extra course grade, open-web disc engineered to effectively clean welds, remove rust and strip paint. 

Ideal for use in awkward areas and for irregular shapes and contours. Suitable for pre and post weld cleaning as well as rust, paint and coatings removal

  • Pack of 2
  • Grade - X Course
  • Cleans welds, removes rust & strips paint
  • Thin width gets into tight corners for complete cleaning, stripping, and surface prep
  • Provides greater surface area than wire brushes
  • Extra coarse grade silicon carbide provides aggressive cutting and leaves a finish than wire brushes
  • Load and heat resistance offers prolonged operation and consistent finishing results throughout disc life

3M 61122 Scotch Brite Clean and Strip Disc Pack of 2 150x13mm

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