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Oxygen/Acetylene Cutting Set ( Boxed)

Basic boxed set of cutting gear designed for robust site use where harsh operating conditions are common.  


This kit is for use with oxygen and acetylene gases.


Kit contains:- 

18" - 90° Cutting Blowpipe

S/S Plugged Oxygen Regulator - 10 bar

S/S Plugged Acetylene Regulator - 1.5 bar

Cup Spark Lighter

DF Combination Spanner

Oxygen Flashback Arrestor

Fuel Gas Flashback Arrestor

1/32" A-NMS Nozzles

3/64" A-NMS Nozzles

3/8" x 10mt Oxygen Fitted Hose - 10mm

3/8" x 10mt Acetylene Fitted Hose - 10mm

Oxygen/Acetylene Cutting Set ( Boxed)

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